5 Things to know before updating WordPress

WordPress experts has always recommended to update the wordpress to the latest version. This could lower the possibility of site getting hacked and gives more enhanced security features, new features and code bugs fixed. Updation ensures that your site would be safe in running.  Likewise always keep all the plugins and themes updated to the latest version.

Caution:  Never update wordpress directly before updating themes and plugins. This could result in loss of features on site or site may not run even.

Every wordpress user needs to perform following things before updating WordPress.

Back up your WordPress Website:

Whether it is WordPress or any other platform , back up of website  and database is an essential thing. Server issues or update issues could seriously damage your website a lot.

Back up could be taken in two ways:

Manual Backup:

Before updating your wordpress, make sure you take back up of all your files. Back up could be taken from FTP accounts or by creating zip of files in cpanel and downloading it. 

Go to phpmyadmin, select the database you want to take backup and then click on the Export button and GO. Database is downloaded as backup.

There are few free as well as premium plugins available in WordPress which can backup your site at one click. This could save your lot of time if you are non-technical to handle the things.


Updraft Plus





Back up of core files in editor:

If you have added or edited any code in the core files of wordpress ecosystem, then its good to take backup of those files first before update.

Simply follow below steps to take backup.

Go to Appearance -> Editor in WordPress Admin

Copy all the content in files like functions.php, style.css, archives.php or any other template file you edited.

Keep backup of all this files in one word file

Update your WordPress

Copy Paste all the content again to their respective files.

Update themes and plugins first

Before updating your WordPress version, first make sure that whether your WordPressthemesand plugins are compatible with new WordPress version or not. This is because sometimes it creates a problem after updating the WordPress so it’s better to check the compatibility of themes and plugin’s first.

Sometimes developers release an updated theme after the release of new version of WordPress. In that case you’ll need to wait for the latest version of your themes and then update your WordPress version.

Update WordPress

After all the mandatory steps are followed, last thing is to do is update WordPress. Whenever there is new version released by team,  message will automatically popup in the Dashboard area of WordPress admin.  Click on the link given and update completes in few minutes.

Recheck your site

Once wordpress has been updated, first thing to do is to check the website to fully by going to each and every page and checking if everything is working fine like before update. If yes, you gonna enjoy the new features of new release.

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