16th Happy Bday Google

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16th Happy Bday Google

by Greencubes on September 24,2014 Birthdays & Events

Happy Birthday Google. You are now 16 Years old.

Google has been remarkably great from many years providing knowledge and sole teacher of whole world. Starting from a school student to collagean to professional to old man or from love birds to doctors to engineers to business man every single human being on the earth  has been a disciple of Google.

Still in some cities of the world, Internet means Google. Google is more like an open book from whom anyone can read any chapter of life.

Invention of Google Maps brought people all over the world much closer. You are not stranger anymore in outside native countries, if you have Google Maps and Google with you.

Google occupies more than 70% of internet usability. We cannot imagine Internet without Google.

Heartily Congratulations to the founder of Google and all the teammates at Google who are constantly improving their services to bring the world all together. We wish you all success in coming years.

Live Long Google.

Posted By: Sam Arya at Greencubes



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