What are Landing Pages and why its necessary for small business ?

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What are Landing Pages and why its necessary for small business ?

by Miraj Mor - Founder at Greencubes on July 08,2017 Digital Marketing

By the term "Landing page", it suggests where the customers typically land on. Generally landing pages are designed for the sole purpose of marketing of services/products/offers and advertising. Landing pages are generally made as separate pages from the main website to advertise particular services or products. When the pages are designed for only one cause, it drives more traffic to website because service provider is having a straightforward idea on what they are providing

Landing pages are of two types:

  1. Click Through
  2. Lead Generation

Click Through Landing pages are generally designed for E-commerce website i.e. products selling website where users gets certain information on products and have a CALL TO ACTION button. This button more often drags customers to 

  • Registration Page
  • Checkout Page
  • Subscription Page

which can be helpful in converting leads.

Lead generation landing pages are designed to capture the leads that can be useful for business late on. This are single type web pages with few information sections about services and an Inquiry form to capture leads.

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Designing a Landing Page that converts:

The most important thing is having knowledge on designing prefect landing page. Irrelevant information can mislead to client and leave the page. The conversion ratio is very low around 3 to 5% . If they don't see what they need, they wont waste a single second of their time.

  • Avoid navigation unless its much vital
  • Keep creative header image matching your advertisement 
  • Use headlines to break the sections
  • If services are listed, use formatted bullet  list.
  • Colored graphics to highlight features and value propositions
  • Try to keep call to action buttons for capturing leads
  • Keep a simple & nice lead capturing form
  • Don't write to much useless content on page. Be specific.
  • Keep trust symbols at footer such as Awards, Partners, Certifications, Reviews, Testimonials

There are some ready made designs available for landing pages. See Below

Ready made landing page designs available for  FREE !

Benefits of Landing Pages and importance in small business:

  • Can drive more traffic for business
  • Can build your email list
  • Can increase your sales
  • Can improve search engine results
  • Can increase lead conversion ratio
  • Creates an impact on brand

If proper guidelines are followed keeping in  mind customer at the center point, it can drive lost of sales to business.

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