Why PHP is still best for Large Portals


Why PHP is still best for Large Portals

by Greencubes on September 04,2015 PHP

There are frameworks available online which eases the customer work and reduces the overall development time. Many of the frameworks are PHP based frameworks also. May be customer can simply buy any plugin from online market and complete the functionality in matter of time. Our Previous experiences and what our customers says that frameworks can be use to full for small and medium based websites. Today we will see why PHP still holds strong position in making of large portals. 

Many Customers when come to any website development company to share their requirements, they come with some frameworks name. Usually all customers share all their requirements and atlast they will say that I want to make my website in Wordpress  or Joomla or CakePHP or Magento etc. But our analysis from past clients and experience, tells that when they say the framework names , majority of them dont know what framework mean, what does it do. Its just to show off that customer also knows something technical. Upon sharing the pros of PHP with customers in dealing with large portals, they have strongly recommended PHP for same.

Pros of Core PHP:

  • You can customize your whole website according to your needs.
  • Whole code is made from scratch and looks fresh from other websites.
  • Like all other frameworks , there are no ready made setups or files which takes ages to upload via FTP or Cpanel. This redcues your stressfull work.
  • One can get PHP developers more easily other than ready made frameworks.
  • One important aspect why PHP is still best, its because of the flexibility and smoothness it provides in browsing website.
  • When you work with frameworks, upon installing plugins, there is high possibility of many plugins clashing with each other resulting in anyone of the plugins stop working. While with PHP, you can customize your code and can remove any clashing of scripts with single line code. In frameworks, to avoid this there are some plugins available which client needs to install. Which will increase more load on the server. Magento and wordpress and joomla websites takes much more load than PHP websites because of their already made structure.
  • There is no worry about upgradation of plugins or websites when you are making websites with PHP. While in frameworks, client needs to take first all back up before upgrading any theme or package or plugin. Otherwise there is high risk of data damage.
  • Most of the framework based portals takes lots of time to load even the home page which is not case with PHP. 
  • Its compatible with all OS systems such as Windows Linux Unix etc
  • Its also easy to integrate major web applications with this scripting language.

One cannot disregard all these advantages of Core PHP.  You can consider PHP as the root and Father of all frameworks. Client can have their websites in PHP and frameworks and feel the difference themselves.


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