Pros & Cons of Shopify for Ecommerce


Pros & Cons of Shopify for Ecommerce

by Miraj Mor - Founder at Greencubes on April 10,2017 E-commerce

Shopify is an all in one eCommerce solution, which allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods, and provides customers with a great user experience. It features customizable templates, organized storefront, ‘Buy Button’ functionality, which allows you to use Shopify as a Point of Sale (POS) option and let customers buy your goods anywhere online.


  • Speed and security – Shopify is integrated with payment providers, and its built-in speed checkout allows customers to pay with minimal load time.
  • Marketing – Shopify allows custom Title tags, meta descriptions on every category page for SEO purpose and also allows you to build customized landing pages for marketing purpose.
  • Design – Shopify offers multiples free themes and numerous custom-built premium themes along with the option to customize and add features for Developers.
  • App Store – Shopify App store has all the features that you need to run an online business. It provides various free and paid Apps and adds flexibility for the brands having an online presence all around the web.


  • Pricing – Shopify’s basic plan starts from $29 a month; the average plan is for $79 a month, and advanced Shopify is for $299 a month.
  • Customization Hacking – Shopify uses a different set up to customize their themes rather than using PHP for their templates. It might be a problem for first timers on Shopify.
  • Content Marketing – Shopify’s blogging platform is not as great as WordPress as it provides a basic layout for blogging.
  • Lock-In feature – Lock-in features to delete your online store permanently. Shifting from Shopify to another online store may not be a very smooth journey.

Here is the list of Top 10 eCommerce Platforms that you can consider for further information.

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