SEO Tips for Small Business

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SEO Tips for Small Business

by Greencubes on December 31,2014 Digital Marketing

Launching a new startup is very exciting and sometimes overwhelming. There are so many things to do, and opportunities to grow your business. One of the very first you should consider is doing SEO. Why? Because, it’s a great way to drive relevant traffic and conversions to your startup. SEO
is a long term process but done right it’s very rewarding.
What is SEO and why your startup needs it
SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is the process of getting organic traffic from search engines, such as Google, Yahoo or DuckDuckGo. The higher rankings you have for your main keywords, the more traffic you get. The most important factor to ranking high in all major search engines is relevant backlinks. It’s like a popularity contest where you need to get a lot of votes from influential people. In this case, the votes are the quality websites that link to your startup.
Why does a startup need SEO? 
Best includes search engines. Another reason to do SEO is for your brand reputation. For instance, if your Startup is called “My fantastic startup”, you need to make sure that your website ranks first for your brand name.
Where to start with SEO
To begin, you will have to collect a list of keywords for your website. For this, you can use automated tools, such as WordTracker.Think of what describes your business better, and write down the most relevant keywords to your business. For example, if you have a “to do” application, such as WunderList, the best keywords for you would be: “To do application”, “Productivity”, “Work tool” and “To do Tool”.
Add your keywords to WordTracker, to get more suggestions along with information about the search volume.
Add all the new keywords in your list, for which you will want to rank. For now, you have created a list with over 100 keywords. Sort them by their popularity and the number of searches per month.

The next step is to insert the most important keywords, into your existing content or to write some new articles where you can add them. Make sure your content is still readable and don’t abuse your keywords.

How to find opportunities to promote your startup
Now that you know what are the best keywords for which you want to rank, you will have to manage your SEO campaigns and find opportunities to promote your new startup. A great tool that can help you with both is called Monitor Backlinks. If you haven’t yet added Google Analytics to your website, do it now. Monitor Backlinks will require you to connect with your Analytics account, in order to provide the SEO data you need.
The best and easiest way to look for new opportunities to promote your website is to look at what your competitors are doing in terms of SEO. If you don’t know who your most important competitors are, you can do a research on Google, using the keywords from your list.
Once you find the most relevant ones, add them to your Monitor Backlinks account, and you will get email alerts every week, with all the links that are pointing back to their website.
How these links can help you in terms of SEO? Remember that backlinks are the key factor to rank higher in search engines. You can try to replicate the same links your competitors are building or earning. If their strategy is to write guest posts on popular websites, you can do the same and earn a link and exposure to your startup. No matter what type of links they get, try to replicate their backlinks, and get even more.

Once you will start to earn new links from your Monitor Backlinks dashboard, you can view in a glance how they influence your rankings in Google, and also the organic traffic.