What are Google AMP Pages and how to use it to rank better in google ?


What are Google AMP Pages and how to use it to rank better in google ?

by Miraj Mor - Founder at Greencubes on January 28,2018 WordPress

Every year, Google rolls out new releases on web or mobile for the sites to improve the rankings and get more users.  The number of mobile users in the world is expected to increase beyond of 5 billion marks by 2019. In such a case, we expect every business site to load fast on each mobile phone.  Fast loading websites can drive more traffic to the website if it gives better experience.

This article will explain What AMP is, who should implement it, how to get your wordpress site for AMP.

What is actually AMP?

AMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages which are tend to load website mobile pages very fast.  Most of the users  have slow internet connectivity and in such case, mobile website take hell of long time in opening up and as a result user closes the site. There can be many reasons for site loading slow. It can be slow response from the server or large size images or heavy js being used.  AMP removes all such constraints in design and makes the site load fast.

AMP has its own algorithm where normal web pages are stripped out, all fancy content and stuff is removed.  AMP uses bare minimal HTML and limited JS. As result, the content is easily get stored in the google cache and can be served to the users in a quick time.

How Google AMP pages are different from mobile friendly pages of website ? 

 - Google AMP pages are 4X times faster than the actual mobile pages and to confirm that further , here is the test from PenguinWP, who tested a single  page and a blog post on their Wordpress website.

 - Like facebook uses its own Open Graph tags, Google AMP pages uses simple subsets of HTML like amp-video, amp-img.

 - AMP uses a framework of JS which loads quick across all the resources.

 - Google stores all this data into Cache which then or by can be available to users quickly. 

New websites and blogs need to implement in order to improve the better user experience as well as their google rankings. 

You can read article here

How to use with Yoast SEO plugin in Wordpress ?

If you are already using YOAST SEO plugin in Wordpress then probably you will need to use Glue for Yoast SEO and AMP

AMP Glue plugin integrates the Yoast SEO into your AMP pages making sure that meta data is implemented correctly.

AMP Glue plugin also provides you the  simplest way to make your pages AMP mobile optimized with your design choice.You can do styling, colors, buttons and make your page feel same like your website styling.

To implement it, go to SEO -> AMP

How to track Google AMP pages ?

It comes almost same like google analytics code. You can pick either of the two components available.


So in order to drive more traffic and give better user experience, you can install AMP plugins to your website or blog and start feeling the difference. 

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