Wix Vs WordPress. Which is more good ?


Wix Vs WordPress. Which is more good ?

by Miraj Mor - Founder at Greencubes on February 17,2017 WordPress

When you are starting a new business website and you are a non-technical fellow, its very difficult to choose a proper CMS from where you can manage your website with ease. Too much hassle around. But its true.

You consumed a lot of energy and time to build website and at last finding out that you have to re-make completely because you choose the wrong CMS.

So before you start making website with the wrong website builder, our blog would help you to educate pros and cons of both website builders.

Before selecting, you need to first define what sort of customization is required for customers. You need to define your future needs first. You should have a written future plan to implement in website. Scalability is the most important factor in selecting proper website builder.

Wix Pros & Cons:

  • It has very user friendly interface with modern days drag and drop features
  • Its not an open source CMS and its not free which can be barrier for startup users
  • There are limitations with number of plugins being used over all. Around 180-220 only.
  • Wix is more of website builder than CMS which means you cant have your personal domain name
  • Avoid using Wix for E-commerce store development. It Has very bad support. Wix is good for small business websites which are not meant to be scalable in future.
  • Being a paid website builder, you can someday see their advertisements also on your site, creating wrong impact on clients.
  • Quality of design and plugins can be assured by their support team if you are using higher plans.

WordPress Pros & Cons:
  • Starting wordpress website could be tricky and would a proper learning curve in the beginning for any non-technical user.
  • Open source and widely used by developers as well clients from both groups technical as well as non-technical
  • Wordpress has over 45000 developed plugins  with more than 993,949,035 downloads worldwide
  • Wordpress people constantly work on updates and this could be done with a single button click from your admin.
  • Customized the look of admin with layout as well as can change the menu names as per requirements.
  • When it comes to ecommerce, WooCommerce is one of the best and widely used plugin of wordpress. All customizations available.
  • Could be a blessing for users who wish to popular their blogs business. No doubt its called a blogging cms which changed the way bloggers were doing blogs.

  • Templates and design could be very touchy to use. Has complex building structure which is tough for users to understand at first.

Despite WordPress being more powerful versus Wix ,A WordPress does require quite a bit of maintenance work to keep your WordPress website in an up-to-date condition. If you don' update your theme or plugins, you run the risk of harming the performance of your website, or even crashing it (rare, but does happen).

With Wix, they manage all the updates so you dont have to do anything. This is a real benefit especially if you work in a very small team (or even just by yourself), without the benefit of a dedicated website team to support you.


Miraj Mor - Founder at Greencubes

Miraj Mor is Technogeek, Entrepreneur and founder at Greencubes. He is one of the leader and mind who invests lot of time in client relationship management and business development strategies. He follow "We don't work only on projects, We work on building relationships".