Customer Service: Customer perception is our reality

The customers perception is our reality is from the renowned business trainer Kate Zabriskie and one should completely agree with it. No matter how good you are and your company at service delivery, but your entire future success depends on how you react to your customers ever changing needs. We are in the web design and mobile app development service industry and for us customer service is the most important to deal with.  It comes first than our investors too. Its the phrase that we use quite regularly in our office meetings.

We have educated our employees on customer service and almost every desk has a label relating to it. Even having a customer with a small budget holds an equal importance like having a big budget client. You never know when a small client can turn into a client giving a million dollar business. That’s why we place such a high priority on customer service and on giving every customer high services they deserve. However being a startup company , sometimes it becomes difficult to satisfy each and every customer needs and we screw up. Its just a hard fact. Likely or unlikely its going to happen. But its important to solve those mistakes and show each and every customer that you care for them and their business. 

Recently,I faced two similar situations where quick customer service was checked and our team delivered it.  It was november time and Diwali festive season was approaching fast. We were working on the launch of an e-commerce website which was exciting project in itself. Project planning and timeline spoke that it was on time and going to launch after holidays. But here comes customer perception. He had some different plans and schedule. Seeing a gap of 7 non-working days of festival , customer got screwed up and demanded delivery before the holidays. It was a tough call to work on. But then we had a long breathe, tighten up our waists and thought, look we are here because of customers. We are here for customers, we ear through our customers, we progress if our customer is happy. We did exactly same and delivered on the last day before holidays. Next day my joy was double seeing the mail from client. 

“Sorry for troubling you guys a lot before the holidays. Hope I didn’t spoiled your vacation mode. Ok  ! Let me first wish you and your team

HAPPY DIWALI AND HAPPY NEW YEAR. Enjoy with full of fun and food 🙂 

I wrote this mail with a purpose. I really thank and appreciate you Miraj and your team for being there when I needed the most. I know I was bit difficult to handle at times, but I am super excited now on my website launch. Your team did splendid job. I will keep doing more and more business with your company. Especially you Miraj. You were there every time with me on Skype to deliver till end. I will surely recommend you guys to my friends and colleagues. Lets meet again after holidays. “

After we returned from holidays, I shared this mail with all my employee and we were overjoyed. In short, my goal was to think from customers side and his business and help him launch his website. Was this a magical thing ? No, we only proved that we really care about our customers.

Some of the traits of quality defined customer services are:

 – Understanding the customers point of view and having a knowledge of whats important to them.

 – Always be a good listener to your customer.

 -Dont be stubborn. Be adaptable.

 – Admit when you are wrong and try to get it done right.

A Customer always have a choice to select anyone to do business with. It is the customer service that strengthens relationships and business bonds.

In short, our customer is the KING. It doesnt matter what you think, the thing that matters is what customer thinks. 


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