How our website optimization will bring more customers to your business

Website optimization is the process of using controlled experimentation to improve websites visibility to drive business goals. To improve the performance of the website, we at Greencubes perform A/B testing to experiment with variations on pages of their website to determine which changes will ultimately result in more conversions.

Proven strategy to optimize website: 

– Main thing is to determine the goal or purpose of website optimization you are doing for. 

– If you are having an e-commerce business store, then important is to have a very good purchase from the website. You need to increase the order value.

– If you are a consultancy agency, then you would like to generate more leads from the website.


How we really do

 – Determining which pages of the website strives ultimate goal of the customer. We call it A/B Testing.

 – It is important to design the page in a way that clearly explains company offers or services.

 – Remove unwanted or under performing points from the page after A/B testing.

 – Creating a list of checkpoints for A/B testing.

 – Making sure website runs perfect in all browsers and OS and mobile devices.

Website optimization is a process can bring many more business if its implemented correctly.

How you get benefited from our website optimization services: 

– Optimization will improve your visitor statistics and can help convert them into real time customers like subscribing to email lists, purchasing goods from website etc. 

– Help you gain more ROI from our campaigns 

– Driving more traffic on website 

– Simple steps taken care of can lead to less money invest in other marketing campaigns 

– Helps you in generating more funds for a fundraiser campaign 

– No. of readers increases for blogs or articles.

What are the best website optimization tools ?

Website optimization is an ongoing process of constant improvement by learning about the behaviors of your visitors, developing hypothesis about what changes to your site  might get them to  take more of the action you want,  and then measuring and evaluating the performance of the changes you make.

This process informs the type of tools that are useful for website optimization. There are both qualitative feedback tools and quantitative tools. Both are important for finding the best opportunities to improve your website. 

OPTIMIZELY: Optimizely makes it easy to test different attributes of your website against one another quickly. Once Optimizely is installed on your website, you can set up as many optimization experiments as you like without needing to know how to code or asking your engineering team to make changes. Their easy to use editor makes website optimization through A/B testing much easier.

UNBOUNCE: Unbounce is a landing page testing platform which lets you quickly create and test different variations of the landing page to see which performs better. If you run a lot of paid advertising campaigns, Unbounce is a great way to improve the performance of those campaigns by optimizing the page that visitors originally land on when they come to your website.

VISUAL WEBSITE OPTIMIZER: VWO as its known is another optimizing software that you can use to A/B test different variations of your website elements like copy, images and call to action buttons to see which combinations make your website perform better.

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