How to install WordPress on localhost | WordPress for Beginners | Part 1

We are starting a new WordPress series for the beginners and this is Part 1 where we will learn about how to install a fresh new WordPress on Iocalhost. A step by step guide with screenshots and video tutorial (in Hindi).

1) Go to and search for “Download latest WordPress

2) Go to first link out of all the google search result.

3) Click on the blue cooler button saying “Download WordPress 5.4.2” and download the setup.

4) Unzip the folder and copy all files under one folder and may be name it as “Wordpress”. You can write any name of your project.

5) Copy the folder and paste it in Xampp/htdocs/

(Note: Don’t forget to start XAMPP MYSQL and APACHE services before downloading WordPress)

6) Go to access the phpmyadmin by writing URL http://localhost/phpmyadmin

7) Create the new database. We will use this database name while configuring wordpress.

8) Go to WordPress folder that we copied to hotdogs folder.  Open file named wp-config-sample.php in any of the editor you work in.

9) Write the following details :

DATABASE NAME:  {Name of the database you created in phpmyadmin}
DATABASE PASSWORD:   (Leave blank while working with localhost)
DATABASE HOST:   localhost

And save the file.

10) We will try to access the front end now.  Go to URL.   http://localhost/{name of the folder you copied in htdocs} .. If my folder name is “wordpress” my URL will be  http://localhost/wordpress

11) We will run the basic wordpress installation. Select your language and press Continue.

12) Click on Let’s Go button.

13) Write again all the database information that you wrote in wp-config-sample.php file.

You can change the Table Prefix to your custom prefix also. But don’t forget to Put underscore sign after prefix.

Click on Continue.

14) Write down the site details and admin login information.

Site Title: Name of the project you want to keep.

Username:  admin.  (Your wordpress admin username. You can write anything secure you want)

Password:  They auto generate the password. If you want to use this password, just copy the password because you will need in next step to login into wordpress.

You can also enter your own password.

Your Email:  write down your email for admin

Search Engine Visibility:   If you want to run your private website and don’t want to get index on google then select the checkbox.  Leave blank for indexing to google. Indexing is a good practice for business website.

Click on Install WordPress button.

15) Success. WordPress has been installed. Click on Login button to login to admin.

16) Write the username and password that you gave in previous step.

Note: Whenever you want to access the wordpress admin, default URL is  http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin

wordpress is the name of the folder in htdocs. You can write your folder name.

17) You are now login to your admin. You can see your dashboard now. Hurray 🙂

18) To access the front end go to URL  http://localhost/wordpress

You will see default wordpress theme integrated.

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