Top 5 Online Website Builders for Startups

The basis of any business is its website . Small businesses cannot afford hiring a website designer, so the best option for them is having a professional website builder.

In our article, we will tell you about 5 such online website builders that can help you build you stunning websites.

1) Wix

2) Weebly

3) Website Builder

4) Jimdo

5) IM Creator


WIX is one of the most popular website builder in the industry today for free. WIX has been today for long time and has help in creation of some of the most appealing and stunning websites. With it , you should be able to create almost anything you want. It is very easy to use and so far its best choice among the users.

WIX serves as best builder when you want to design fashion and apparels website. One of the best reason for its use is the SEO Link building tool, that comes along with it after your website is created. This helps your website get higher rankings from the very beginning. To start using this platform, embed the&nbsp WIX templates that you would like to use.

As you can connect the media widget and you will have professional looking website for your business.

One another advantage of, is there are professionals working all around the globe to see your website is running fast. They are also in charge of ensuring that your website is safe and secure.


This is also the very popular website builder on the Internet today. It is one of the largest standing brand in the industry and one of the fastest growing

It is great platform used in creation of any type of business websites. It comes with different templates that can be installed immediately. What you will love with WEEBLY  is its easy drag and drop system which ensures you are creating your website quite fast.

This is a platform that can guarantee a great looking website that even professional website designers would be proud of. What you get with WEEBLY are mobile friendly designs as well as compatibility with all the other browsers.

You also get personalised domain theme, something you cannot get with other website builders. 

Good thing with WEEBLY is that you are assured of fast and secure website. The platform is very easy to use. You get to create your website very fast since you dont have to  enter any HTML or CSS code.


This is also one of the easiest way where you can build your own stunning websites. It is the simple platform therefore the best use for anyone in business who has limited technological experience. That would want to build your own websites with it, you can have so many templates to choose from as per your preference.

You have to use available templates though, but every template provided is free and open and it means you can edit the website like you have it in mind.

Advantage with website builder  is it comes with both SEO and Integration tools. You are therefore assure to get everything you need for your website and even higher rankings in Search Engines. You can also choose from domain names available or you can pay for own domain names to remain unique in always.


Jimdo is basically an ecommerce builder.With it you will be available to create best online shops on the Internet. You dont have to worry about your cart work when you are using this platform. All you need to do is download most dedicated ecommerce theme that comes with . There are all kinds of options and features provided bu the platform. 

It comes with free as well as paid version. 


This is totally a new way for the people to create their own website. IM CREATOR is a very friendly platform that is highly responsive, a state of the art way to create a stunning unique websites. It makes user strips and polydons which are usually pre-customisable and therefore ready to use.

It is one of the easiest platform one can use in order to create a professional website. In just few minutes, you will have your website up and running. 

It comes with templates that are retina ready and this means they are usually pre-programmed and so they can be used immediately with a live audience. 

Another good thing about IM CREATOR is you do not have to worry about hosting. This is because software gives you guarantee to unlimited hosting and bandwidth automatically. Software comes with ecommerce and blogging all inclusive. 

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