Wix Vs WordPress. Which is more good ?

When you are starting a new business website and you are a non-technical fellow, its very difficult to choose a proper CMS from where you can manage your website with ease. Too much hassle around. But its true.

You consumed a lot of energy and time to build website and at last finding out that you have to re-make completely because you choose the wrong CMS.

So before you start making website with the wrong website builder, our blog would help you to educate pros and cons of both website builders.

Before selecting, you need to first define what sort of customization is required for customers. You need to define your future needs first. You should have a written future plan to implement in website. Scalability is the most important factor in selecting proper website builder.

Wix Pros & Cons:


WordPress Pros & Cons:

Despite WordPress being more powerful versus Wix ,A WordPress does require quite a bit of maintenance work to keep your WordPress website in an up-to-date condition. If you don’ update your theme or plugins, you run the risk of harming the performance of your website, or even crashing it (rare, but does happen).

With Wix, they manage all the updates so you dont have to do anything. This is a real benefit especially if you work in a very small team (or even just by yourself), without the benefit of a dedicated website team to support you.

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